What is the ticker symbol and on what exchange is Performance Food Group Company traded?

Shares of Performance Foods Group Company common stock are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “PFGC”. Performance Food Group Company stock first began trading on October 01, 2015.

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How do I obtain a copy of the Company's financial statements and public filings?

Annual and quarterly financial results and other information for Performance Food Group Company are available on this website. You can automatically receive updates by clicking on Email Alerts.

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Who is the Company's transfer agent, and what is its contact information?

P.O. Box 43006
Providence RI 02940-3006

Overnight correspondence should be sent to:
150 Royall St., Suite 101
Canton, MA 02021

Toll Free


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When is the fiscal year end for Performance Food Group Company?

Our fiscal year ends on the last Sunday of June.

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Does Performance Food Group Company pay a cash dividend?

We intend to retain future earnings, if any, for future operations, expansion, and debt repayment and have no current plans to pay any cash dividends for the foreseeable future.

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How can I purchase Performance Food Group Company stock?

Interested investors may purchase shares through any registered broker.

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Who is the Company's independent auditor?

Deloitte & Touche LLP serves as the Company's independent auditor.

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Where is Performance Food Group Company headquartered?

Performance Food Group Company is headquartered at:
Performance Food Group Company
12500 W Creek Pkwy
Richmond, VA 23238
(804) 484-7700

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How may I contact the Investor Relations team with a question or request?

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